August 6, 2018

Aegeus: There Is More to Us Than Meets the Eye!

Hello again Aegians! First off, we just want to say thank you to all continue to believe in us.  We certainly cannot do it without you and our community.  We here at Aegeus believe in creating a solid foundation.  Without a solid foundation, everything built above that will crumble.  This is what motivates us to work long hours every day without fail. When you put that much effort into us, we have no excuse to not work for you!

Our Community

Like stated above our community is what drives this project.  Another case of our great community is the My Crypto Trade (MCT) community vote.  MCT is a Person to Person (P2P) trading platform. We asked our community to get out there and vote! Guess who took first in the vote?  You are right! Aegeus!  Talk about a showing from our community!!!  We appreciate all the work that went to getting listed and to those involved.

Reward Block

We are now into August and with that comes the 56 AEG reward block.  Starting September 1st AEG block rewards will be at 20 AEG, 10 Masternode & 10 Staking.  The initial plan was to slowly lower the rewards, but unfortunately, the amount of rewards that were being generated is much higher than the current amount of buy volume. Therefore, the price can never rise while there are more coins being sold than there are being bought! If we keep the original plan we would hit 47 mill circulating supply come March 1st 2019. We can reduce that to the high 20’s- low 30’s by reducing the rewards. Bringing the 10/10 reward into play earlier than anticipated will not only stem the bleed but will mean less rewards are being sold and the price will have greater chances of growing with less money flowing in to match the inflation rate. Although you will have less coins overall by this change, we expect the price to rise in such a way that it won’t only offset the “lost” rewards; but will make your current portfolio’s worth a lot more than the portfolio with the extra coins.

We do understand this is a change to our plan.  There are times that a change is required, to protect the project’s future.

Public Relations – Face of Aegeus

As stated in the last blog, we were looking for a face of Aegeus.  After a rigorous screening process, we are bringing on KenTheCrypto to be that face!! Having a dedicated PR representative will help build and maintain our public image.  Welcome to the team Ken!

Prototype release

We are still working hard to provide the first prototype release.  We are working on the final front and design.  We want to ensure the prototype has been tested and retested before its release.  This prototype will be the true beginning for Aegeus.


We are monitoring other coin growths before entering into partnerships with them, and others want to see our working prototypes.  Having solid partnerships will not only distance ourselves from other projects but also instill that faith you have in us.

New Website

Our new website is still in work to provide a more engaging experience.  We are only about 1.5 weeks away from its release!  Please be mindful that some information on the website will be outdated until the new one is live.

YouTube Competition

A huge shout-out and thanks to all of those who participated in the YouTube competition!! It was a hard choice but the congratulations to the winners Larry and Superhero!  They will be rewarded 2,500 AEG each for their submission.  Continue to follow us for more competitions in the future! Listing

We are now listed on  Another great website to guide you in the crypto space.  Definitely, a site you will want to check out!

Wallet Upgrade

This latest wallet update modifies the block reward amount which will take effect at block 286315 approximately on September 1st, 2018. You are required to update to version 2.0.3 before August 31st. You can update here.


Hi guys remember the AioDEX vote! We are currently holding fourth place, so if you haven’t voted please do now. We have a sizeable community so let’s not forget to vote please for Aegeus. You can vote by simply going here and voting your favorite coin. This is another strategic listing for Aegeus. Keep the votes flowing and share for your friends and crypto buddies, Remember to vote #Aegeus

We have so much stuff going on behind the scenes that if we told you, your heads would fall and of course ours before yours.

Until next time,

Aegeus Team


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