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Aegeus will embrace and operate in a more decentralized and distributed environment focusing on security and Privacy

Aegeus Offers a Host of Decentralized Features

Aegeus, pronounced 'Ay-Gus' means 'Protection' or 'Shield' in Greek. Aegeus is based on PIVX, which drew its inspiration from Dash, a project that has solved many of the problems in Bitcoin by speeding up transactions, offering solid privacy solutions, and boasts a decentralized governance and funding system.

POS 3.0
Swift TX

Our Features

Data Storage

Aegeus uses IPFS protocols that provide deduplication, high performance, clustered persistence and P2P content/data storage and delivery to make operations faster, cheaper and more secure. Organizing data is simply not enough, it needs to be stored in such a way that it can easily be accessed and retrieved.


Never worry about compromising your security when it comes to putting large amounts of data on the blockchain. Place immutable, permanent FS links into a blockchain transaction which will enable users to timestamp and secure data without having to risk putting the data itself on the chain.

Swift Transactions

Instant Transactions: SwiftTX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes, with no need to wait for over-bearing amounts of confirmations in order to be confident in the validity of the transaction.

Data Distribution

If you or your company delivers large amounts of data to users, a peer to peer approach could save you a fortune on bandwidth alone. Through P2P content/data delivery, users can lower their running costs and increase their operational efficiency drastically. Aegeus will embrace and operate in a more decentralized and distributed environment.


The Aegeus coin, AEG is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. Users can mint an additional 1960% per annum AEG coins as a reward for participating supporting the network. While offering masternodes, AEG is a highly profitable coin among its many other benefits.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging is critical when sharing information between teams and personal friends. Aegeus enables wallet users to communicate between themselves in a secure and private platform. This is a great solution for collaborating teams and all types of tasks.

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