May 3, 2018

Zerocoin Privacy Feature Coming!

Greetings AEG community! A lot has been happening over the past week here at Aegeus. Development continues, community growth is accelerating and Masternode sales are increasing very nicely. Zerocoin is upon us and right now as I type this we are finalizing the graphics for the new base code which is going to be released this week. We’ve received so much positivity about Aegeus from tonnes of people; developers, marketers and crypto interest groups. They all really like what we are doing here.

A few things are going to happen this week so we are going to make you aware of them. We will be updating the Whitepaper so Version 5 will be uploaded to the site next week and it will contain the updated material on the Zerocoin (zAEG) wallet feature integration, ecosystem development going forward and the exciting new revisions to our Masternode (MN) rewards structure, so stay tuned for our next update and also look out for our announcements on Facebook and Twitter.  The new MN reward structure will blow this community away!

We have also uploaded multiple other Whitepaper translations which need to be updated with the latest changes; however what is uploaded will give users from different regions an idea of how Aegeus works and where it is planning on going. As we complete and update the original English version, we will release the newly edited Whitepaper translations to the ‘Doc’s section of the website so please stay tuned in for that.

We are hiring also! Please look at our team page to see more details about these new openings. We will be getting very busy over the next few weeks so if anybody wants to help out, please just drop us a line at We look forward to speaking with you shortly. Look out for announcements and further updates on our social media, Discord and Telegram groups.

Until very soon!

Aegeus Team

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