October 1, 2018

Wallet Updates & More!

Hello Aegeans!

We hope everyone is well.  What an exciting few weeks it has been!  There is much to talk about so let get straight to it!

Aiodex Exchange

Aiodex is a new exchange that went online last week.  Thanks to our great community, the strong voting and sincere community comments helped Aegeus earn a free listing!  Aegeus is now listed and tradable as of today.  Also, Aiodex is currently offering some incentives for early registrants and referrals.  The first 300K users will be refunded 100% of the transaction fees until January 1, 2020 and referrals can earn up to 80% commission from their exchange transactions.  For more information, hop on over to Aiodex.com and check them out.

Masternode Collateral Change

The voting for the new Masternode Collateral has ended and the winning collateral was 50,000 AEG.  The community showed so much life in the Aegeus Discord Server providing input and comments regarding collateral change.  Special thanks to the Aegeus Moderators for responding to the community promptly and professionally. Starting November 1, 2018, the new Masternode Collateral will take effect. There will be announcements for the community to update the wallets and masternode servers.  As usual, Aegeus Moderators will be available to assist with any issues the community may have.

Version 2.0.4 Reminder

The new wallet design and governance protocol update is scheduled for today, October 1, 2018.  This update is required for the wallet and masternode servers to continue receiving rewards.  Please remember, first rewards for masternode server updates takes 3-4 days. Governance allows the community to vote for future AEG decisions.  The number votes per person depends on the number masternodes the voter has and will be managed by Aegeus.mn.zone. Please watch their site for voting and proposal updates in the near future. They will be announced as they come out. You can get the latest wallet update here https://github.com/AegeusCoin/aegeus/releases/

Last live stream

Special thanks to the Oko, Crimmo, and Sabateur who performed a live youtube stream showing a sample of the Aegeus Protoype!  There was a strong community showing with awesome questions and ideas.  Other Aegeus Moderators were also available to help with questions from the community.  Oko and Crimmo did a wonderful job entertaining the community.  Sabateur showed a working prototype that could be the future of data management! The prototype video that was shown on the night has been taken down because we are preparing a more professional one with the more enhanced front end section. Please stay tuned as we will be releasing this.

Jonasthomasen Trip

Quick recap on Jonas’ Trip.  Jonasthomasen, a beloved discord member and AEG supporter, is taking a 14,000 kM bicycle ride from Guatemala City to Ushuaia, Argentina.  He will be wearing an AEG t-shirt on his ride and will be using a drone to take pictures and posting on AEG IPFS.

Jonas’ last update has him venturing up Volcan de Acatenango (a dormant volcano) to have a good view of an erupting Volcan de Fuego!  We cant wait to see his pictures! Jonas will also be using our finished prototype to store his data on IPFS and this is something that we cannot wait to announce.

Partnerships – GIN

We are delighted to announce that we have been listed on another awesome Masternode Hosting Platform, GIN. You can check them out here https://p.gincoin.io/.  Masternode hosting platforms help the everyday Aegeus Supporter who doesn’t have the technical knowledge or time to build and manage a masternode server.

Stay up to date with our blog updates by clicking on our website and scrolling down to our media section. Our latest updates will be right there in front of you.  Please also join our social media hubs for technical support.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Until then,


Aegeus Team

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