April 24, 2018

Aegeus Reveals the Emergence of Zerocoin

Greetings Aegeus Community,

Exciting things are happening as usual here at Aegeus Labs, we are about to embark on true anonymity and privacy as we integrate Zerocoin protocol!!! It’s on our doorsteps and users will be able to avail of this new and practical feature within the coming days.  In order to view the new features you must upgrade your Aegeus wallet. Details will be released in a few days on how to do this.

As you’ve noticed we’ve designed a new site which can be viewed here. The new site encompasses our forward vision and direction here at Aegeus. We will be adding more information to it over the coming days and weeks as we continue to add more and more value to the Aegeus community. If there is anything that you as an Aegeus community member would like to see on our site, please email us at contact@aegeus.io, we’d love to receive your feedback.

We’ve had interested people contact us about the ARR opportunity. For those that do not know what that is, it’s the Aegeus Regional Representative platform we’ve created in conjunction with our Affiliate program. Regional Representatives are paid in AEG weekly to accomplish tasks such as attract local and regional merchants to accept AEG and promote the AEG cryptocurrency to other crypto enthusiasts and interest groups. For more information on both opportunities please visit here.

Aegeus is a live coin, a coin with market value and a coin with one heck of a future ahead of it. We are only getting started and we would like to thank everybody in our Telegram group, Discord group and email subscription lists for their continue support not to mention those who are our very Masternode owners; you will play a vital role in the future of the AEG coin! So let’s get ready for Zerocoin! For those of you that don’t know what Zerocoin is it’s simply this:

Zerocoin is a protocol that provides full privacy to those who are in the Aegeus network. It converts publically view-able AEG into anonymous AEG. When wallet users wish to spend anonymous AEG, the AEG appears in the receiver’s wallet as regular AEG without any history footprint. This is true privacy and true anonymity!

Stay tuned for our next update shortly before we release the instructions for the new wallet upgrade J

To a hugely successful community and future!

Aegeus Team

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