April 13, 2018

Aegeus Releases Phase 2 of Promotion Campaign, Signature & Social Media and more…

Aegeus has released phase 2 of their promotional campaign which incorporates Signature, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Blog, Translation and Telegram campaigns. Done with an agreement with BountyPortals.com, this promotion will last about thirty days. Users can view the new promotion breakdown here to learn more about how to participate and the governing rules surrounding the bounties. Please read the instructions carefully and any questions that you may have can be asked in our Telegram or Discord rooms or alternatively you can email us at contact@aegeus.io.

Aegeus has allocated 3% of the total coins sold which will be distributed to all bounty participants after the promotion ends. Our phase 1 promotion which is now over, contained an Airdrop campaign which succeeded in getting Aegeus out to a portion of the crypto market. Our second phase aims to increase this awareness and conclude with a much higher number of wallet downloads and AEG purchases. We understand it will take time to build our community so we are rolling everything out in phases. Please be aware that AEG coin can be purchase anytime directly from exchange here.

Our main developer is currently working on integrating the Zerocoin protocol into the Aegeus wallet and we expect to have this full integrated by the end of April this year, in accordance with our roadmap timelines. We are also working on getting listed on another exchange this month as per our roadmap. The details of this exchange will be released closer to the end of the month. You can follow our development and work progress on our public Trello page.

I want to also mention our Affiliate (Referral) Program which is designed in such a way that we handsomely reward AEG purchasers and their referrers. Please be sure to check this opportunity out, give us feedback on it also, we’d be so appreciative. We are also looking for international Regional Representatives to conduct work promoting AEG within their own country. We have placed very attractive commissions and bonuses for the right candidates. Each country will have a maximum of 1 person per country so get your applications in. This is a great opportunity for somebody who wishes to grow with Aegeus and become very successful when Aegeus starts to hit additional exchanges and gets more of a name for itself.

Lastly I want to mention that we have members working with us on our masternode guides. We have already uploaded the Windows 64 bit manual on our website and we will be releasing our Linux/Ubuntu version very shortly. To that end I would like to thank all our members to date and please help us spread the word about Aegeus by taking advantage of our Affiliate and Regional Representative programs. We’ve created them for you so take advantage of them while the coins are there.

Onward & Upwards!

Aegeus Team

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