August 26, 2018

Aegeus: Prototype Pre-Cursor!

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Aegeus Objectives

Our overall vision and objective is to build out a completely distributed and secure means of sharing and storing data. Whether the technology used is leveraged in a way to transmit simple messages in an email-style system (Secure Messaging/Emailing), or share sensitive information with only the intended parties guaranteed access, we are going to make as much efficient use as possible with what we have at our disposal.

Aegeus IPFS

Creating a private storage network using our own custom fork of IPFS will enable us to ensure data availability while at the same time reward those who are running storage nodes considerably for their reliability. On a very high level, what we are doing and what will be demonstrated in the prototype (demo coming shortly) is taking user-provided data, either files or direct input, encrypting it with the intended party’s key and then securely pushing it onto the storage network with a reference location.

Additional Aegeus Services

Storage nodes will be an additional type of service running on the network, and will be able to set their own prices for storage, ultimately creating a new utility market and strong network due to incentives.

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Industry Use-Case Sampling

One such use case that we are working on refining is that of a mass -administration/automation tool. With this, server types can be classified and configurations rolled out based on those classifications.
This can be done securely where an AEG blockchain or IPFS gateway would only be necessary on newly-deployed servers, to process the configuration directives and automatically set the server up.

Benefits of This Use-Case

One of the main benefits of approaching this environment with this style of solution is that the configurations would be secure and only accessible by the sanctioned machines. This would also reduce overhead costs by distributing the data on a global network rather than relying on maintenance
and cost of centralized servers.

Future Plans

Something else we would like to see materialized within the next quarter is the option to host and manage websites within the network utilizing blockchain for social incentive and data reference. There are many
ideas that have been brought to the table and in our current stage of development we believe these goals can be reached within a reasonable amount of time.

The Aegeus Prototype is almost ready… are you?

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  • Great to see more on the technical side of Aegeus. This is one of the reasons I invested, IPFS is a revolutionary system basically improving the whole structure of internet itself. If crypto introduced one thing, or expanded it, it’s the aspect of decentralization. This is a field which can expand so much further, and if Aegeus develops all of this then it can be a game changer!

    Keep it up. glad to be part of the network

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