September 17, 2018

Aegeus Prototype Finally Here!

Greetings Aegians!!

We hope you that are all doing well. Last week was a very eventful week so we are going to tell you what’s been happening with AEG in this update!

We are delighted to announce that we have been listed on another awesome Masternode Hosting Platform, You can check them out here We are now available across four Masternode hosting platforms and four exchanges with our fifth exchange coming at the end of the month. Aegeus continues to grow every single month!

Aegeus Livestream

Community, what we’ve all been waiting for is happing tomorrow evening. This is a strong reminder that you cannot miss this. It’s why we started Aegeus in the first place. Join us tomorrow night for a live demonstration of our long-awaited Prototype. Come along, grab a coffee and ask some questions! Watch us send data via IPFS from a sender to a specific recipient live on screen using this awesome technology. The Aegeus Livestream will take place tomorrow at the following time:

Tuesday 18th September
6pm UK time
5pm UTC
1pm EST

Discord - 'Aegeus Live Chat' Voice Channel
Note: We will also be streaming this onto YouTube

Wallet Update – 2.0.4

Aegeus have just released their mandatory wallet update. This update has an impressive streamlined new wallet design which we are sure you will like. It will also contain the implementation of our new governance system which will be kicking off October 1st. Community members please ensure that you install this new wallet before October 1st. The new 2.0.4 wallet update can be found here, Please update your Masternodes also. 

Community Team News

We are delighted to announce that we have a new Community Manager, it is none other than LarrysM himself. LarrysM will ensure that the community is running smoothly and as efficiently as it can so we would like to congratulate him on this cool promotion within the team. We would also like to congratulate Thangwook for being promoted to Writing Manager. Writing plays such a major part in any coin’s day-to-day activities. Thank you guys, your hard work has paid off and looking forward to working with you from this point forward.

This Months Deliverables

Although we ran late on last months deliverable ‘The Prototype’, we met the rest of them. This month we are on track to meet all of them you will be happy to know. We have a great team that is making all of this possible for our community. You can keep up to date with our roadmap scheduling here

Twitter Giveaways

We have started to do daily giveaways on Twitter. We are doing these giveaways from Monday to Friday every week and announce the winners the following day for each mini-competition. Be sure to check these out and get involved in the fun!

Aegeus Future

Aegeus is going places. We say this because we know the type of industry use cases we wish to apply our technology in. We currently have a professional Business Developer on staff who is currently working in the UK and already has companies very interested in using our tech. He is also working on merchants that will be able to accept AEG as a payment for their product and services. As the technology becomes further streamlined and developed, you will see Aegeus in a lot more places around Europe very soon.

Stay up to date with our blogs updates by clicking on our website and scrolling down to our media section. Our latest updates will be right there in front of you.

We hope to see you all tomorrow night on the Live Stream!

Until then,


Aegeus Team

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