August 18, 2018

Aegeus: Preparing For The Future!

Dear Aegians,

We have had a wonderfully productive week, filled with competitions, new listings, new partnerships and more. Read on to find out what’s been going on!

5000 AEG Competition

We have launched a new competition with a total of 5000 AEG in prizes. To be in with a chance of winning, you will need to create an honest written review of Aegeus. Both the Aegeus community and the Aegeus Team will be voting on all of the reviews submitted to us! To enter, you can write an article on Reddit, Steemit, or Medium, that covers all the main concepts of Aegeus. There will be 3 winners!

     1st – 3000 AEG * 2nd – 1500 AEG ** 3rd – 500 AEG

Aiodex Listing

There is a new exchange going live in 36 days called Aiodex. They are holding a vote with over 1,000 coins hoping to be listed on Aiodex when they go live. Due to our genuine community spirit, AEG was the first coin to be confirmed as accepted. We are honoured to have such incredible community support and thank every single person in our community for being on this journey with us. To view the Aiodex exchange please visit

10/10 Reward Reduction 

With our impending masternode and staking reward change, we felt it was necessary to explain why this is happening. So in true AEG style, instead of just writing a paragraph, we made an infographic to neatly house all the information in 1 place.

New Member Video Explains Masternode ROI 

A video we would like to mention is the latest one from our very own Larrysm. This time it is a creation recognising that not everyone could understand the reward change, Larrysm took it upon himself to create a video explaining the masternode ROI, but that was not all; He also included a 1,000 AEG giveaway. Check it out his video entitled ‘Masternode ROI Explained‘.


YouTube & Ken the Crypto

Since setting up our new YouTube channel, we have already received nearly 1,500 subscribers – not bad considering it has only been 11 days. Ken the Crypto is working well as part of the team and has created a video explaining the details of the latest competition we have running.

He has also started a series explaining different aspects of AEG. So far he has covered ‘The future of Aegeus‘ and ‘The AEG Whitepaper.’


AEG has partnered with Gentarium!

GTM is a masternode hosting platform similar to the GIN Platform. Their website is sleek, simple, and easy to navigate. GTM takes a lot of time and energy out of setting up your masternode. We have tested the platform and are happy to say it was a great experience. In fact, in the few days since we initially tested the platform, their volume of trade has doubled to over 216 BTC. GTM will charge $7.50 in GTM Tokens per AEG masternode per month. However, it is currently free during their testing period.

Wallet Version 2.0.3

We are two weeks away from the necessary wallet update to Version 2.0.3. This one is easy, simple, and quick to complete. It is also required to update your masternode VPS. If you need any support with your update, please head over to the relevant support channel in Discord. Our mods & helpers will be happy to help you.

What the Developers are working on

As developers, we try to be active on discord and other social platforms as much as possible, but behind the scenes, a whole lot is going on! Here is a list of the most significant projects that we are currently working on, and will be ready to release in the near future (some sooner than others.

  •  1. New & Improved Website
  • 2. IPFS Prototype
  • 3. New QT Wallet Design
  • 4. Mobile Wallets
  • 5. Aegeus Technology Applications


Community Thank You!

All the updates and progress we have made this week unquestionably would not have been possible without your support. We aim to change the world with our innovative product, and your constant involvement will be one of the significant factors that help us realise our ambitions.

Stay tuned for our next update. All updates will be disseminated across our ‘Important News’, Facebook page, site blog page and Twitter. Be sure to retweet, like us and share our news… our future is getting brighter by the day!

Until next time,

Aegeus Team

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