August 11, 2018

Aegeus: IPFS Prototype Edging Closer!

Dear Aegians,

We have numerous things to talk about in this blog post. Conceivably the most exciting for us is the fact that we are fast approaching our new website reveal and our working IPFS prototype is getting closer and closer to release. Some may say that we have done a lot of teasing recently, some may say that a bit of suspense is what makes it so exciting, we say, we are working our buttocks off, and we cannot wait to show our magnificent community what we have been working so hard on!

Website & IPFS

We have estimated that the website will be up and running within the next 1 – 2 weeks and this is a site to impress. Some of the new features that you will find are;

  1. HTML based, built from the ground up, no templates used!
  2. Special jQuery embedding of specific features
  3. Caters for all Aegeus communications, community messages and Aegeus releases and much more…

Following the website reveal, will be the release of our IPFS prototype. We will feature details about dates and developments in future blog posts. The prototype will establish the basis for future developments as we will be building upon this solid foundation bringing solutions such as Secure Messaging, Secure Data Sharing and Distribution to businesses and individuals worldwide.

YouTube & Ken the Crypto

We have a new YouTube channel, and to date, we have already uploaded three videos. As we mentioned in our last blog, we have taken on Ken the Crypto as the face of Aegeus. He has hit the ground running with his first intro video, introducing himself and explaining where he fits into the Aegeus structure, and then the second explaining what Aegeus is.

MNitra Team

The awesome MNitra Team have pooled their talents and skills together and created a wonderful Masternode set up video which is compatible with all operating versions. You can view the video here and receive specific support also here for this video. A special thanks goes out to MNitra!

Raspberry PI Guide

It’s Rasberry time and these are awesome little machines. A Raspberry Pi is a tiny (only 3.3in x 2.224in) fan-less computer that can be used for staking coins. With their size being so small, they can run on less than 2 watts of power. You can get your hands on one of these little devices for around $50, so we feel they are a superior choice of tech to use instead of running your computer 24/7 or paying for a VPS to stake on.

Our very own @tom_d (BEL) has tried and tested the Raspberry Pi and has kindly created a fantastic, easy to follow guide for anyone that wants to do the same! You can view the guide here

My Crypto Trade (MCT) Listing

My Crypto Trade (MCT) is a new exchange which enables you to trade Altcoin for Altcoin, convenient if you want to be, or already are invested in multiple Altcoins. MCT will simplify your buying and selling process by eliminating the need to transfer coins from Altcoin to larger coins to then buy the other Altcoin you want. MCT held a voting competition for coins to be listed on the exchange. Voting closed on 5th August, and thanks to your votes, we came in first place and are now listed. There are 29 coins listed including AEG so far which means you can buy or sell with a pairing of any of the other 28 coins. We look forward to MCT adding more coins, giving us the opportunity for more diverse pairings.

New Discord Channel

We have a new channel in Discord called #polls. The channel was set up for the following reasons:

  1. Community engagement is always necessary, and this is a light-hearted way to get the broader community more involved with minimal time spent.
  2. The more time we spend talking to one another and supporting each other, the closer we feel to each other. With the polls, we can now compare our answers to everyone else’s and see how much we have in common with our AEG compadres.
  3. By asking questions about the services we provide, we can learn exactly what you want from us. For example, we asked if the community prefers written guides or video guides. So far 75% of us prefer written guides, so now we can use that to tailor what we do and where best to spend our resources to best support the community (don’t worry video lovers, we will make sure you still get your video guides!)


With all the work that has been going on it has been necessary to bring in more team members and give out a few promotions. We would like to congratulate the following team members on their promotions;

@Oko 🇬🇧 – Moderator Manager & Marketing Adviser
@biggrannx (GER) – Senior Moderator
@Bonk(UK) – Writing Manager
@Mr.snugglepuff – Designer Manager

Competition Coming…

Next week we will run another competition for 5000 AEG. Our last competition was our YouTube video creation one and even though the turn-out was very small, the quality of work submitted was fantastic. We will release the details of our next comp this coming week. Be sure not to miss this one!

Community Thank You!

People often say that without a community you are dead… well we know this to be a certainty! The members we have in the Aegeus community are nothing short of amazing. I’m not just talking about those involved in the Aegeus team, no way hombre, I’m talking about the daily members coming in and helping out all off their own steam… we love it and really appreciate it!

Our blockchain relies on multiple people running masternodes on different computers, and by doing that you are the foundation of this coin. But we are not only counting on you for our foundation. You are our support network and our meme providers!!

Thank you to everyone involved in the AEG project, your support inspires us every day.

Stay tuned for our next update. All updates will be disseminated across our ‘Important News’ channel, Facebook page, site blog page and Twitter. Be sure to retweet, like us and share our news… our future is getting brighter by the day!

Until next time,

Aegeus Team

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