May 8, 2018

Aegeus Masternodes Are Awesome!

Hope everybody is doing very well. This is the latest update for Aegeus on May 8th, 2018. We’ve had an extraordinary week on many levels and our team has grown more than ten-fold. We now have people on all the major social media platforms, and leaders are coming on board now from many different international regions. If you haven’t heard much of Aegeus in the past few weeks you will certainly hear of Aegeus in the weeks to come!

Our last update saw us completing the final steps of the Zerocoin protocol, a tech that we got so excited about for many months, that is until we discovered some issues in the system and our main developer uncovered some very risky bugs that could not only cause wallet issues but also potentially the loss of AEG. The software itself is very new and still not really tested.

We were hoping to be one of the pioneers of Zerocoin however on the advice of our main developer we decided not to proceed with it. Although many variations of Zerocoin have come out such as Zero Knowledge and similar protocols, we did not want to be that coin that took too much of a high risk just to have a feature that sounded and looked good, but could have cost us a lot in the long run. We stuck with our gut on this and opted to continue with our already existing private, instant and verified transaction model which has excellent privacy features already built into it.

Subsequently we looked at re-structuring our Masternode rewards plan after speaking to some very experienced developers. We decided to increase the rewards for both Masternode wallets and staking wallets. We have now finalised this structure and placed it into our most recent Whitepaper update. This whitepaper version 5 is now available to be seen on the website. It is definitely safe to say that everybody will be more than delighted with these rewards.

Each block will produce 140 AEG, 100 of that will go to the MN owner and 40 will go to the staker! For now we are going to run this rewards structure indefinitely although we may introduce a more balanced reward system down the line depending on the MN count. It’s a very exciting time to be part of Aegeus; we have a bright future ahead of us. We expect from this week onwards that we will be getting even busier.

We are aiming to be listed on Masternodes Online in the coming three weeks and are getting closer to our second exchange listing.. I want to also mention that our Discord group is getting very busy and you’ll be delighted to know that we have a host of moderators helping out in those rooms so if you have any questions whether they be technical in nature or general, please drop by and get your queries answered. Please also watch out for our updated Whitepaper and translations which will be forthcoming in the next days and weeks. This is to allow our translators to work on our latest Whitepaper updates.

Finally I also want to mention that we released a new wallet update that has the newly built in MN and Staker rewards about four days ago. These rewards will activate only on the new updated wallets and will commence at block 123314 which is only about 2 days away. If you do not upgrade your wallets folks you will lose out. We are 70% there so can the remaining 30% (24 nodes) please upgrade. If you need help just ask in our Discord channel or Telegram channel. You can find the latest wallet releases here.

We’d love to know your feedback on Aegeus so please feel free to contact us on We will respond to you as soon as we can, we are generally very prompt.

Until our next update,

Aegeus Team

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