April 6, 2018

Aegeus Launches Affiliate Program

The next stage in the promotion of Aegeus has arrived and it’s via an Affiliate Program. This promotion special is only valid until July 1st, 2018. The affiliate program allows members to sign up for free, get access to a back office and an affiliate link from which they can share with the world. Any referrals that sign up and purchase AEG coins earn the sponsor a 5% commission in either BTC or ETH and 5% FREE Aegeus. The referral who purchased the coins gets a 10% purchase bonus in AEG added to his or her account.

Everybody wins in this affiliate program. There is no limit to how many people you can introduce Aegeus to. Bear in mind that this is not an MLM of any kind and has an expiry date on it, July 1st, 2018! Affiliates who introduce businesses that will accept AEG as a payment currency will receive a thank you bonus of 2000 AEG. The more businesses that accept AEG as a currency for goods and services the higher the price of the coin will reach. Aegeus will be adding these businesses to its main page very soon.

To co-ordinate a cooperative promotional strategy across a broad range of international regions, Aegeus has launched the Aegeus Regional Representative (ARR) opportunity. This allows one representative within each country to promote the Aegeus Coin to as many national and local based businesses as possible. We reward our ARR’s very handsomely by giving them 10% commissions on direct sales along with 10% bonus AEG, 1% commission from their referrals sales and 1% bonus AEG. ARR’s also receive 5000 AEG for every business they bring into the Aegeus community that will accept AEG as a payment currency for their products and services.

Details on how to become an affiliate or an ARR can all be found here. We ask that everybody follow the instructions carefully and keep within the NO SPAMMING rules as we want to be represented professionally and with as much respect as possible. All advertisements used need to be cleared first by the Aegeus team who can be contacted here. Any questions or queries relating to Aegeus, its coin features, future based tech or simply about the Affiliate program can be placed in the support section of this site.

Aegeus has launched this affiliate program to increase the circulation of AEG, increase its network of users and create a greater foundation for community governance along with creating opportunities for AEG to grow in price. We would like to thank all our members to date and those who supported the Aegeus dream since August last year.

Until next time,

Aegeus Team

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