August 25, 2018

Aegeus: IPFS Game Changer!

Dear Aegians,

We are getting very close to the end of August already – doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?!

Live Stream Q&A on Reward Reduction

Ken The Crypto will be hosting our first ever live stream Q&A. He will be answering any questions about Aegeus that you can rustle up. Make sure you are ready with your questions written down, and a spare pen and paper to take notes on the day.

The Q&A was designed to engage the community and this particular live stream is a pilot so if we need to make adjustments for subsequent streams we can to better benefit Aegeus and the community. Please we ask that all attendees be respectful to Ken and try to keep it as professional as possible. The Aegeus team want to thank you in advance for this. If Ken does not know the answer to any questions, he will endeavor to find out and release this information either through our blog, discord or YouTube channel at a later day.

Translators Needed

We are on the lookout for talented translators. The internet allows us to be free from the confines of our little pieces of land on this earth, and because of that fact, we can include anyone and everyone no matter where they are, as long as they have an internet connection. We aim to be inclusive of as many different language speakers as possible. Therefore we need people who are able to translate our documents, announcements, guides, etc. accurately. If you can translate and are interested in joining the team; please let us know.


Newest Team Members

We would like to offer a huge welcome to the latest members to join our team; @Protoontje, and @Beko. These two have already shown their worth and have been excellent support in the community. We are grateful to have you all on board.

Wallet Version 2.0.3

We are one week away from the necessary wallet update to Version 2.0.3. Updating your wallet and your masternode VPS is compulsory. If you need any support with your update, please head over to the relevant support channel in Discord. Our mods & helpers will be happy to support you. You can upgrade here

HODL During the Dip
We are acutely aware that the price of AEG’s price has taken a beating recently and understand that many community members may be concerned about this. We would like to reassure you all that this kind of dip is entirely typical for any new project in the crypto industry. Please keep in mind a few critical points;

1. AEG is only four months old
2. Our Developers are working remarkably hard on producing a working prototype of the use case of AEG. They are very close to releasing this and are currently in the testing phase to make sure it all works correctly.
3. Based on information from Coin Market Cap, PIVX remained below 1cent for nearly a year and didn’t see it’s first real spike until 14 months after its registration on Coin Market Cap.
4. An immediate financial reward is not an indicator of a valuable cryptocurrency, but steady and continuous progress towards a definite end goal is – and the latter is what you will find with AEG.

Writing Competition Results

I would like to congratulate these talented individuals for their great contribution to our writing competition. Well done and you will receive your prize AEG as soon as I gather your addresses.



Click on image to enlarge it!

IPFS is going to change how the world works over a course of time. From commerce to military, governmental and private communities around the world will soon be reaping the rewards of what IPFS can do and will be able to do in the future. Coins like Aegeus are already one of the early birds and we are going to be a leader in this space. Our prototype is almost complete, we are aiming for the end of this month to release it. We want to ensure it’s working correctly and easy enough for people to understand the entire process.

Above is an image  that is somewhat a precursor to the prototype, it’s a diagrammatic info-graphic about how our IPFS model will work and potentially open up new avenues of applications. We are also working on a video to put all this into simple language for you. This will be completed next week. When you see the prototype in action it will bring the above image to life for you guys. I would like to extend an amazing thank you to Mindiff for his powerful work in this area for Aegeus… take a bow!

New Website

We have a new website coming as already announced a couple of weeks ago. The new website will be revealed on September 1st and we are excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Stay tuned on this one!

Community Thank You!

It takes a particular kind of community to support a project through thick and thin, and we can honestly say, we have got that community. Every one of you has got a keen eye for substantial development in 21st-century technology, and we thank you for being here with us while we shape the future together.
Stay tuned for our next update. We will broadcast all updates across our ‘Important News,’ Facebook page, site blog page, and Twitter. Be sure to retweet, like us, and share our news… Data storage is about to hit the next level, and things will never be the same again!

Until next time,

Aegeus Team

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