September 8, 2018

Aegeus: Growing in times of uncertainty!

Greetings Aegians,

Here is this weeks weekly update!

Live Weekly Stream Q&A 

Aegeus is setting the stage for communication in the cryptocurrency industry. Our first trial took place just over a week ago with Ken the Crypto taking center stage. This has given us many ideas of what we can do in the future to connect with our community and open ourselves to the broader population. We plan to continue engaging with our community in a live setting where you can ask us questions and get instant answers. We aim to be approachable and easily accessible to ensure that we remain connected to our community on a human level.


Ken has released a new video where he briefly goes over our new website, new promotional video and other aspects that are also covered in this blog, catching you up with the latest news. Be sure to check it out:

Prototype Precursor

We have released our prototype precursor which details the objectives of Aegeus, industry use case sampling, plans for the future, and more. It is a peek into the future of what Aegeus has to come. Check it out here – Also check out Ken’s video overview of this document


We have officially released our sleek new website. The new site graces you with;

-An animated picture of each member of the team.-A link to the updated whitepaper.
-Extended and brief explanations of the different aspects of Aegeus.
-A new road-map, detailing our past, present, and future goals & progress.
-Probably, most important of all, links to blog posts giving you all the news about what has been happening week by week!


The AEG whitepaper has undergone a complete revamp. There is a new layout, new wording, and brand new graphics to bring a visual and informative experience to the reader. It is easy to understand, having been written in plain English without any jargon. We will be adding more graphics and additional data over the coming days and weeks to keep it updated. For anyone looking to understand the purpose of Aegeus better, please enjoy this good read.


Sorry, not the drink… Gin has listed AEG on their masternode hosting platform. They make owning and maintaining a masternode a breeze; you could even do it with a glass of gin in hand, although, we wouldn’t advise it! You can find us listed under the Tier 2 section on the website:

Successful IPFS Test

We have been testing the AEG use case, which is our fork of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). We are over the moon to announce that our testing was successful! This achievement is no small feat. It proves that the product we have created works. As a knock-on effect, it demonstrates that your time, energy, and money spent on Aegeus has indeed been well spent. The fact that it works shows that we have a solution that can be used to help businesses and individuals, and we have a purpose. We will have an update on the Prototype release during this week coming. We are really excited! Check out our Secure Messaging Blueprint here;

Wallet Updating criteria

We have officially reached the wallet update block (286315). Please ensure you have updated your wallet and VPS (if you are running masternodes) to version 2.0.3. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, moderators and helpers are available to support you in our Discord channel. You can find the update here –

New Wallet Re-Design

This is one of our deliverables this month and we are adding the finishing touches to this. Expect to have this wallet released within the next two weeks with some exciting additions coming also 🙂 The team that Aegeus has is nothing short of outstanding. Great dev leadership and talented team members allows us to do the unthinkable!

Additional Exchange

We are working on another exchange for Aegeus to expand the brand and get it known not only by investors but by traders also. We will keep you informed of any updates but we are in talks with one currently.

Community Thank You!

It is important to remember that Aegeus can only thrive with a buzzing community at our side, and we are humbled to have so many people from all around the world active and engaging with us on a regular basis. Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for our next update. We will broadcast all updates across our ‘Important News,’ Facebook page, site blog page, and Twitter. Be sure to retweet, like us, and share our news… Data storage is a necessity in the world today, and Aegeus will be taking it to dizzying heights!

Until next time,

Aegeus out!

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