March 30, 2018

Aegeus Development Report March 30th, 2018

The Aegeus roadmap is a continuous process whereby our focus will remain steadfast in accomplishing two main elements: Community Needs and Innovative Industry Technology. Our journey thus far saw us rise from an idea back in mid 2017 to a foundational cryptocurrency that is going to create some much needed solutions go forward into the future.

April 2018 will see Aegeus listed on its second exchange and ongoing development on our new codebase which will be released in May 2018. The new codebase will contain the anticipated PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transactions) with integrated Zerocoin protocol, a feature where users can make true anonymous and untraceable transactions. This allows users to remove any transaction history thumbprint bringing a much higher element of privacy and security to the AEG community.

The reason why Zerocoin is different is because it offers true privacy and true anonymity which is different to the majority of PoW and PoS coins/tokens out there. We are super excited and want our members to share this excitment with others in our Bounty and Signature programs listed on our website. We’ve just released our ongoing Private/Public sale offer to everybody so be sure to look out for that on our website also. All unsold coins left on the exchange on May 1st, 2018 will be burned. What will this do? This will remove a percentage of the 21,000,000 AEG coins in distrubution, meaning there will be less coin whilst our development progresses to new milestones and our community grows even larger.

The effect on the price of the coin will be obvious in that it will increase and that will make all our AEG coin holders and Masternodes owners very excited about the future. Just to mention also our Masternode guides are in the making and will be released in order as they are completed starting with Win 64. Watch the website and community groups for these releases. Our signature campaign is hoped to be launched next week so make sure you tune in for the release of more details in the coming days. Our Airdrop campaign is very active, again, this can be found on the site or viewed here. There is plenty of time to get involved in this campaign, just follow the details on the post.

Hiring: We are looking CM’s, Community Managers to look after our members in our Discord and Telegram groups. If you are interested please email us We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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