November 16, 2018

November News!

Greetings AEGians,

It’s been a while since our last update, however we’ve been very busy. The crypto landscape is changing, with more and more innovation coming to the forefront making it a future of solutions-based enterprises offering business tools, alongside established ecosystems and unique payment options. Aegeus is no exception, we are on the cusp of releasing our public prototype with several businesses waiting at the bit to chomp down and test this technology.

As a reminder, Aegeus is now trading on a total of six exchanges as listed below so go and buy or sell AEG with ease whenever you want.

Coin Exchange:
Crypto Bridge:

Coin Market Cap have finally updated our stats on their site which can now be viewed here;

MN Collateral Changes

Aegeus has changed their MN collateral from 5, 000 to 50,000 AEG. This was voted in by both the team and the community to address the issues of MN profitability, attractiveness and network efficiency. Increasing the amount per node reduced the competition between node owners by reducing the amount of nodes within the network and has helped to date solidify the MN owner community. We would like to thank all who have contributed thus far in making this transition possible and working. Any issues that may arise are being dealt with in a swift manner by both the moderators and the developers.

Those that may not have enough AEG to purchase Masternodes can of course stake and we’ve seen a rise in our staking community as a result of these collateral changes. Both stakers and MN owners are critical to the success of AEG so we want to thank everybody for their support and patience through these growth transitions.

Masternode Governance Voting System

Masternode owners have a significant role to play not only in the current Aegeus network but have a critical voice in the say of future developments and subsequently the overall success of Aegeus. Our governance system has been set up, but we have not brought it to working integration within the system yet as we are aiming to complet the delivery of the public prototype first. Once this has been completed, we will revert back to fully integrating the voting system into play. MN owners will be able to paste command lines into the debug console of their wallet to vote on various proposals that are being put forward. A future enhancement will display a wallet tab dedicated to the entire voting process and will be far more efficient and comprehensive.

We are on V3.0!

If you are not yet on Wallet Version 3.0 we urge you to immediately visit and update your wallet. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to ask in any of our rooms please and await direction. Thank you in advance.

Protocol Labs Loves Aegeus!

The developers of IPFS have mentioned that they love what we are doing over at Aegeus so much so that they have mentioned and linked us on their most recent blog release. We are humbled to say the least. They above all know the work that goes into IPFS development but fully understand where this technology is going. We do too and this is why we keep working and getting closer to community and eventual business adoption. We are in very exciting times AEGians! You can see the shout-out from Protocol Labs here 😊

The development team are currently working on updating site documentation, completing the public prototype delivery, wallet resolutions and merchants/client positioning. If you have any questions on any aspect of what was discussed in this blog post please use the appropriate Discord channel and one of our moderators will assist you.

Speak to you all soon!

Aegeus Team.

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